November 19, 2012


Exclusive Video Premiere: Canadian Twin Sisters Carmen & Camille, "IDGAF"

What's more fun than an impromptu dance party in the desert? An impromptu dance party in a desert thrown by Canadian twins Carmen and Camille, that's what. The video for the breakout pop duo's ubercatchy new single "IDGAF," from their upcoming release, follows C & C as they rock out in a desert motel and dine with their friends.

It's a wild all-night party: the group play spin the bottle, trash a motel room and wander the desert, all to a synth-laden, dance-floor-ready jam that will have you tapping your foot, if not up and out of your seat to bust a move. The video is a blast--watch and enjoy!--and best of luck getting that song out of your head anytime soon.