November 30, 2012


Is This Elephant the Next John Legend?

Off Beat host, Mike E. Winfield, gives you his weekly video dissection.

I think the expectations in our society are way too high.

When I read the title that an elephant was gonna be playing the green piano, I got excited. I was waiting for some John Legend "Everyday People," or some Stevie Wonder. I mean, the elephant was alright; he was cool. But I wouldn't book him for an event. No disrespect to the elephant or his people, but I think he still needs work. Maybe he killed it if there were a scale of how well elephants play instruments. I just wanted more -- possibly a solo or a dance. I've seen an elephant dance before, so I know that it can be done. 

I really want you all to replay the video again because I just decided who should receive the credit, or better yet, the scrutiny. If you look behind the elephant's ear, you can see a dark-skinned foot. It's like a puppet when you can see the strings. This person is sitting on the elephant's neck. I thought you were supposed to sit on the back, like on a saddle or something. They're sitting on the neck and forcing this elephant to play these horrific tunes.

Did Mike E. nail it? What's your take on the video? Hit us up in the comments.