November 1, 2012


Watch: Feist Unveils "Grand" and "Isolating" "Graveyard" Video

Can Feist do any wrong? She released one of, if not the best album of 2011 with Metals. She won the prestigious Polaris Prize. She wowed at festivals all summer long, and did the same at Radio City Music Hall. She also released a fantastic music video with both air guitar and interpretative dancing. What else do you want from life? Oh, a poignant clip for "Graveyard," filmed in an eerier field in Big Sur (where she filmed Metals)?! Done. Watch above.

Here's what she said about the video [via Pitchfork]...

"I'm not talking about the Graveyard as a location, but of the entangled thoughts you get when visiting a graveyard. Usually you're there to visit someone who's died, and you think in broad terms about what they've become and your own mortality and about what time means. We're alone in the field, always at a distance. And people appear and disappear from your life.

"Grief comes in the form of much larger thoughts; it's more philosophical and it leads to a confused state of mind. You don't get those thoughts from checking your emails! It's a pullback from details and it's grand and isolating."

Note to self: Check my emails less often.