November 9, 2012


Game: "After Midnight, Chris Brown Turns Into Chris-Pac"

In a recent interview with Fuse's Alexa Chung, Game revealed he has an interesting nickname for Chris Brown, who contributes to the LA rapper's new album, Jesus Piece.  "We always joke with Chris Brown," he says. "During the day, he's Chris Brown but after midnight he's Chris-Pac. He gets real wild and he's drinking and acting wild and dancing around the studio."  

Brown isn't the only wild aspect of Jesus Piece. The album's cover, which shows Christ wearing a bandanna, bandit style, has raised a few eyebrows too. "I wanted to put a black Jesus on the cover," Game says. "I put a rag around his mouth because nobody's ever seen Jesus. Have you seen Jesus? [Alexa shakes head no]. I put a rag over his face just to cover his face."

The Compton native also discussed the record's themes. "It's a strict concept album," he says.  "For the last few years, I've been trying to balance life, love, family, religion, music and the streets."

For more, including Game's take on Lil Wayne's work ethic, check out the full interview above.