November 28, 2012


Afrojack Talks Chris Brown, Rihanna and Michael Jackson

Superstar Dutch DJ Afrojack has had quite the year. In addition to being named the 9th best DJ in the world by DJ Magazine,  he's toured the world and worked with artists like Pitbull, The Wanted and Chris Brown. In fact, his Chris Brown collaboration, a single called "As Your Friend," was so good that, before it was released, Rihanna wanted to steal it.

"Rihanna wanted the track," he tells us. "I heard it from my management. She was with Chris Brown and heard the song, and told him she wanted it. I said, 'That's nice.' It happens sometimes that people hear a song, and want to switch it around."

Afrojack also worked on the 25th anniversary edition of Michael Jackson's Bad. Jackson's family asked him to remix the album's title track, an offer which the DJ found both inspiring and intimidating. "It's one thing remixing Michael Jackson," he says. "It's another thing remixing Michael Jackson after he passes away. As for his family asking me, it was scary. You don't want to let them down. You want to make something that they like, but also something that the mainstream crowd likes."

In addition to remixing MJ, Afrojack is in the midst of reworking Psy's viral megahit "Gangnam Style." "Psy told my management that he only wanted Afrojack to do it," he tells us. "I love the original and I love the video, but it's so big. Remixing something so big is scary."

For more, including Afrojack's new approach to touring, check out the full interview above.