November 8, 2012


Kelly Clarkson: "30 Is Really Young to Put Out a Greatest Hits Album"

Kelly Clarkson turned 30 earlier this year, and she agrees that that's a little young to be releasing a "Greatest Hits" album. During a recent chat with Fuse about her upcoming compilation Greatest Hits - Chapter One, Kelly explained that she "called it 'Chapter One' because I wanted people to know there's more to come." Whew. There better be.

The album features all of Kelly's previous singles, plus two new tracks: "Don't Rush," featuring Vince Gill, and "Catch My Breath," which she wrote specifically for the comp. "It feels like an anthem for a CD of anthems," she said.

Watch the full video interview above for more on Chapter One, out November 16, plus juicy details on her next big project: moving into a new home with her boyfriend!