November 26, 2012


Internet Rap Sensation Kreayshawn Can't Pee in Pools, Has Seen a Ghost

Internet rap sensation Kreayshawn is known for her outrageous persona, so when Fuse caught up with the Oakland native to talk about her new album Something 'Bout Kreay, we expected craziness and she didn't disappoint. Kreay opened up about her fear of ghosts, not being able to cry and, most importantly, the fact that she's never peed in a pool.

"I think I try and contain myself, especially in public," she tells us when asked if she relieves herself in public pools. "But I definitely pee in the shower."

Now that that's settled, we can move on to other important topics, like ghosts. "I've seen a ghost," Kreay admitted to us, quietly. "But we don't tell ghost stories because then the ghosts come back."

But even if she were scared by a ghost, she wouldn't cry about it. "I can't cry," she confessses. "I'm evil."

She also told us about her celebrity crush as a kid ("Lil Bow Wow") and her favorite laws to break ("All of them").

For more, including Kreayshawn's embarrassing revelation about prom, check out the full interview above.