December 9, 2012


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: "Ellen DeGeneres Said Jimmy Iovine Wants to Star in Our Video"

When Fuse sat down with Seattle rapper Macklemore and his musical partner/producer Ryan Lewis to talk about The Heist, we learned some crazy things about their upcoming music video plans. Not only does Jimmy Iovine—the producer/mogul who helped rocket Eminem and Lady Gaga to stardom—love their less-than-flattering track named after him, he wants to star in the music video.

"We heard Jimmy Iovine wants to be in the video, which would be incredible," Macklemore says. "Ellen [DeGeneres] actually played the song for Jimmy Iovine. Then Ellen called me and said, 'Jimmy loves the song, he thinks it's genius and he wants to be in the music video.'"

So is it actually going to happen?

"We could do it," Mackelmore says. "It just comes down to the execution."

"[The video] is going to be like an action movie," Lewis says. 

"Yeah, it's like a five-minute movie," Macklemore continues. "I don't think we'll have the time right when we get back [from tour] to do it." 

Speaking of strange pairings, Macklemore revealed to us his new BFF: R. Kelly.

"He is one of my best friends," Macklemore says. "He doesn't know it yet, though." In case you missed the line in "Thrift Shop," Macklemore gives R. Kelly a hilarious shout-out: "She probably should've washed this, it smells like R. Kelly's sheets—piss."

"I'm a big R. Kelly fan. He's a genius," Macklemore says. "But I don't know if he knows about the song."

For the full Macklemore & Ryan Lewis interview—including Macklemore opening up about falling off the wagon last December after three years—check out the full clip above.