November 5, 2012


'The Wire' Star Idris Elba Defies Death in Mumford & Sons Video, "Lover of the Light"

Whoever decides the rules about music videos should make Idris Elba in charge of all of them from here on out. Shot in the lovely Pembrokeshire countryside in Wales and directed by and starring everyone's favorite conflicted bad guy from The Wire, Mumford & Sons latest video, "Lover of the Light," is what all videos should be: confusing, beautiful, touching and centered around a very attractive man.

In the video, a product of the band and the actor's "ale-infused conversation in a pub," we see Idris getting ready for his day--a series of shots that look like a GQ-inspired Folgers commercial--spliced between scenes of a slo-mo deer finding his footing in the forest. When Idris is about to leave his house, we realize that he's blind, and on this day, he chooses to leave his cane at home. What happens next is hella inspiring and will probably make you feel totally lazy in comparison to a blind man exploring the world without his cane. Enjoy.