November 5, 2012


Nicki Minaj Blows Her Own Horn on 'Re-Up' Single "Freedom"

Yes, Nicki Minaj does compare herself to Jesus in the opening line of her new song, "Freedom." But it's all because people aren't giving her enough credit... or something. Listen above.

During the first episode of her E! reality series "My Truth," which premiered last night, Nicki Minaj unveiled her latest Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded—The Re-Up single, "Freedom," and explained the inspiration behind the controversial first line. "I open the song by saying, 'They'll never thank me for opening doors [but they ain't even thank Jesus when he died on the cross]' only because I feel like people purposely don't see the strides I've made for hip hop and just for black women in general." 

Check out more from Nicki's first episode of My Truth over at Gawker, and watch her put the smack down during a photo shoot. Do not get on this girl's sh-t list, y'all.