November 20, 2012


Nicki Minaj Gets Hella Symbolic in "Freedom" Video

It's kind of like Nicki Minaj's English 110 teacher was like, "What represents freedom to you?" and then Nicki wrote a list of things and put them all in her new video, "Freedom": A stairway! Inclement weather! Birds! She also threw in some bold religious imagery because, don't forget, "They'll never thank [her] for opening doors, but they ain't even thank Jesus when he died on the cross." #deep

Nicki Minaj plays herself, Jesus (maybe), a queen and Noah (of Noah's Ark fame) in "Freedom," and she's not even kind of joking about it. Unlike many of her other videos, this one takes a solemn turn as if she's trying to say, "I have wigs for serious occasions, too, guys." Later in the clip, the Harajuku Baribie's journey through a stark black-and-white land goes technicolor, perhaps symbolizing the road the rapper took to find herself. And then when she did, she was all, "It's crazy in here."

Or maybe we're totally off on our analysis, but the point is Nicki Minaj is fun to watch in music videos. Also, when's the last time Noah's Ark got a hip-hop shout-out? That's got to be worth something.