November 16, 2012


You Can Literally Get Almost Anything in One Direction's Pop-Up Store

Just in time for the holiday season, One Direction have opened a pop-up shop in New York City. The eighth one of its kind (!!!), 1D World offers basically anything anyone could ever want... but covered in the words "One Direction." 

We got a sneak peek at all of the exclusive items you can gift the Directioner in your life, and THERE IS SO MUCH STUFF. Just a few of the products we got our hands on (there are 125 products): 1D hats, 1D jewelry, 1D letterman jackets, 1D onesies (clever!), 1D stick-on nails, 1D dolls and our favorite, a grow-your-own Harry. Yes, a little Harry Styles in a container that... grows? We're confused, yet disturbingly intrigued. 

Check out Alexa Chung and Elaine Moran going buck wild in 1D onesies inside 1D World, and get in line now. Something tells us this place is going to be a little bit crowded for the next few weeks.