November 15, 2012


One Direction Pretend to Be Wax Figures, Scare the Crap Out of Fans

One Direction are basically the most famous band in the world right now, traveling to a different city for a different press appearance nearly every other day. So you have to give the five dudes credit for still making time to prank their fans. 

Their latest stunt? The "Live While We're Young" singers pretended to be wax figures while a group of unknowing girls took their pictures with the band. After a few raised eyebrows from the girls who clearly knew something was up, the boys couldn't hold it in anymore. Liam's the first one to move and he gives away the whole thing. What follows is shrieking that probably registers somewhere close to a billion decibels.  

While the girls in the clip above are a bit too nervous to actually talk to the guys, Ellen DeGeneres coaxed some info out of 1D when they recently visited her show. Ellen asked the guys how many of them are currently single, and Niall, Liam and Harry all raised their hands. (Yesssss.) FYI, they're all looking for someone "cute, funny and American." The line starts here.