November 16, 2012


Exclusive Video Premiere: Cali Pop-Punk Quintet PK's "Chase the Sky"

Imagine the Killers, the Gaslight Anthem and Motion City Soundtrack had a baby (hey, it may be possible someday. Technology, man...). That baby would be named PK, the San Luis Obispo, CA quintet who are blowing up behind the release of their latest EP, The Lost Boy Sessions. Fuse is exclusively premiering the music video for one of its best tracks, "Chase the Sky"--watch it above.

It's an amped-up take on the classic performance clip. The ol' high school pals rock out onstage in a small, sweaty and packed club. Then there's rippin' guitar and drum solos, and frontman Travis Hawley croons and poses, then flings himself into the crowd. Also, It's clear as windex: These dudes know their way around a hook or two (or three, actually).

So... do ya like PK?