Rihanna's Pre-Flight Message to Her 777 Tour: "Buckle Up and Let's Get Drunk!"

Fuse is lucky enough to be following Rihanna on her ambitious 777 World Tour. And as passengers on her Boeing 777 jet, we just have to share this audio of Rihanna's pre-flight announcement. Her advice to passengers and crew before takeoff? "Buckle up your seatbelt and let's get drunk!" Rihanna laughs. You can listen to it above.

The "Diamonds" singer also drew our attention to her shimmering presents for everyone on the 777 Tour. "Look in your gift bag, there's a little diamond in there," Rihanna said. "Give it to somebody special. I love you."

Check out the clip above and stay tuned to Fuse.tv for daily updates on her 777 Tour!