November 16, 2012


Go Inside Day 2 of Rihanna's Globetrotting 777 Tour

Day 2 on Rihanna's 777 tour got off without a hitch, and the "Diamonds" singer doesn't even look like she's the least bit tired. In case you've been busy living under that rock of yours, Rihanna is jet setting around the world, traveling to seven cities in seven countries in seven days. That's enough of a whirlwind in itself, but Ri's also performing in all seven of those cities. We're tired just typing that. 

Check out our video from Day 2 of the tour, where we track down Rihanna's bassist and musical director, Adam Blackstone. When Adam first heard the idea to take a tour around the world in seven days, he "thought it was nuts." Agreed, but it's also awesome.

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