November 15, 2012


Which Boy Band Do the Rolling Stones Think Has Longevity?

When we caught up with the Rolling Stones (!!) on the red carpet of their retrospective documentary Crossfire Hurricane, we asked them which of today's bands they could see matching the Stones' 50 years-and-counting lifespan. And the answer they offered was not definitely not what you'd expect.

"I can’t see into the future," guitarist Ronnie Wood says, "But there's a great atmosphere amongst the boys in One Direction. They're good boys. I remember them before they were discovered. They seem to have that team spirit."

Whoa. The World's Greatest Rock n' Roll Band sees a potentially lengthy future for the "What Makes You Beautiful" boys. What's even crazier than hearing them say that is imagining the Stones hanging with the British-Irish heartthrobs.

Mick Jagger, on the other hand, is a bit more affably jaded about his 50 years on top. "I'm totally used to this by now. I was used to it in the first two years," Jagger tells us. "So I've done 48 years of being cynical about it." He laughs, but he's totally not kidding.

Keith Richards says that Crossfire Hurricane—which airs on HBO tonight at 9pm ET—actually caught him off-guard when he first saw it. "I was surprised there was a cameraman around," Richards says of the vintage Stones clips. "I had no idea a lot of this footage existed. It's astounding, actually. I had no idea there was so much stuff in the can," Richards adds, laughing bawdily.

Watch the video above for our full interview with the Rolling Stones and the director of Crossfire Hurricane, Brett Morgen.