November 13, 2012


Exclusive Premiere: We Came As Romans Cover The Wanted's "Glad You Came"

Michigan-based metalcore band We Came As Romans are mostly known for heavy thrashers like "To Plant a Seed" and "A War Inside." But when they covered The Wanted's jam of the summer "Glad You Came" for Punk Goes Pop 5, they decided to shoot a video for it and have a little fun. Because deep down, we all want to be in a boy band, don't we?

For their remake, We Came As Romans stick surprisingly close to the script—the majority of the video showcases the boys on a boat accompanied by some babes. While Michigan's Pontiac Lake isn't exactly as exotic as Ibiza where The Wanted shot their video, you get the gist. Later, the dudes perform at a house party in Detroit, which is probably one of the only house parties in Detroit that has ever played a song by The Wanted.

Guitarist Joshua Moore told us about the video, "We've always done really serious music videos, normally with storylines and a bunch of production, but for a while now we really just wanted to do a fun video. Just us hanging out and being ourselves, just being the normal guys that sometimes people seem to forget musicians are. So we had a ton of fun filming ['Glad You Came'] with our friend Justyn [Moro, the director], and we hope you enjoy viewing it as much as we enjoyed making it!"

Now that We Came As Romans have put their stamp of approval on The Wanted, it's okay for the rest of you to admit it: you're obsessed with this song.