November 9, 2012


World Premiere: Valente's "It Don't Matter" Video

What if you woke up to discover a camel's mean mug had replaced your own head? You could still read, drive and knock back a whiskey now and then, but let's be honest: It would put a serious cramp in your love life.

This is the problem a hapless man encounters in "It Don't Matter," the latest music video from Italian-born, L.A.-based singer-songwriter Valente. His slyly hilarious predicament is set against the backdrop of Valente's atmospheric, gorgeous track. "This song is about that gut wrenching period around a breakup, when you realize your love got stuck in a bad rut," Valente tells Fuse. "You try to fight for it, but the best thing you can do is just let it go."

Although this camel-headed man gets no cure from his doctor for his Kafkaesque problem, our sweater-sporting desert dweller bravely pushes forward with his life. And just when all seems lost, he gets a surprise visitor at the end.

You'll have to watch our exclusive world premiere of the video above to see what happens. And keep in mind that "It Don't Matter," off Valente's recently-released EP Alexandria, is just a taste of his full-length album to come.