December 13, 2012


Danny Brown Shares His Musical Idols: Nas, E-40 & Jack White

With his proper debut album ODB coming up at some point in the indefinite future, we sat down with the inimitable Danny Brown and learned who's on the Detroit rapper's list of musical idols.

"I look up the most to Nas as a rapper, but musician-wise, just being from Detroit, it's probably Jack White," Brown tells Fuse. "Of course Arthur Lee [of legendary psychedelic rock band Love], I look up to him a lot. And UK guys like the Streets and Dizzee Rascal. The most amazing person I ever met was E-40, but my big homie—who I look up to as a person to show me what rap music is about—is Tony Yayo."

Brown also tells us how ODB differs from his last mixtape. "With XXX, you laughed throughout it and by the time it was over you were like, 'Oh, this isn’t too funny,'" Brown says, smiling. "This one, when it's over, you're laughing hysterically. It's not necessarily what's being said in the album but the album itself. [You'll think], 'I can't believe he made this.'"

To find out which designer Danny Brown says makes him "feel sexy" these days, check out the full interview above.