December 6, 2012


Dolphin Chomps on Little Girl's Arm

Off Beat host, Mike E. Winfield, gives you his weekly video dissection.

Did you see the dolphin attack this poor little girl? It almost took her arm off! She was so close to getting plunged into the water! And that horrific scar she now has from it -- it's about the size of a quarter of a dime!

Come on, people. Don't you think this is a little bit of an exaggeration? This poor dolphin is getting a bad rep because humans want to keep animals in captivity, and then we blame the animals when they react because we're getting on their nerves. Dolphins have feelings, too.

This girl had dreams of one day working and caring for dolphins, and then, she gets bitten because she didn't listen to that one rule that told her not to wave her tray. If she can't follow instructions, maybe she shouldn't go to Dolphin School (that's if she doesn't get kicked out for not following instructions).

That is life. I've been bitten in the a$$ by the entertainment business, so I know how she feels. I want people to keep in mind that I do feel sorry for the little girl, but you cannot blame the dolphin. We should thank the dolphin for not doing what it was capable of. Life is full of memories, and she is never gonna forget that trip to SeaWorld. Hopefully, that was a mutated dolphin, and the girl will begin to transform into Aqua Girl. That would make the news.

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