December 7, 2012


Boys Noize on Hanging With Snoop, Being Voted World's 9th Biggest DJ

Superstar German DJ Boys Noize released his new album, Out of the Black, two months ago. For Noize, the album represented a chance to try a new approach to dance music.

"When I make my own music, I just try to make something different than what's out there," he says. "As a producer, I think, 'Why should I make something that sounds like everyone else?'"

The album features a collaboration with the newly rechristened Snoop Lion. The collaboration happened, in part, because of their relationship over Twitter. "I'd done an official remix for him before, for 'Sensual Seduction,'" he tells us. "After that remix, I was tweeting at him. It was one of the first things I did on Twitter. I wrote at him, like, 'Hey man, did you hear my remix?' He replied right away, 'Yeah man, I loved it. Send me more beats.'"

The two just recently met in person. "I was happy to meet him in LA last year and again this year," he says. "He invited me to his place, and we hung out. It was awesome. He's so down to earth but still so excited about music."

Boys Noize received another honor last month when Rolling Stone named him 9th on their list of the 25 DJs That Rule the Earth. "I was surprised and happy to be on this list," he says. "It's great to be recognized by such a big thing."

For more, including information about Boys Noize's record label, watch the full interview above. And be sure to catch him live - Noize is currently on tour in North America. Check out his website for tour dates.