December 19, 2012


Joe Budden: Next Slaughterhouse Album Will Sound "Like a Whole New Group" Thanks to Sobriety

Joe Budden, who had a brief stay in jail earlier this year over an unpaid parking ticket (seriously), has been making some life changes. While the Slaughterhouse rapper says his crew recorded their 2012 record Welcome to: Our House with the assistance of plenty of substances, there'll be a different tactic next time around.

"We all battled a lot of demons recording that last album. I was high recording that entire album, and I was probably high doing all the interviews as well," Budden tells Fuse. "But I'm no longer that. Royce doesn't drink Patron anymore. Crooked doesn't drink. Joell doesn't drink. This next Slaughterhouse project is gonna almost be like a whole new group."

Budden says "everything is different" without the haze. "Today, it's almost like a high not being high." As for an album recorded sober, he says he "can't wait." We're sure label boss Eminem—who spent much of his last record knocking out his own demons and spitting about sobriety—approves.