December 5, 2012


T.I. Talks 'Trouble Man' and Life Lessons

Maybe you heard that ATL rapper and budding The Family Hustle reality TV star T.I.'s new album, out December 18, is titled Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head. The album's name has obvious significance for T.I., who spent much of the past four years in jail for weapons and parole violations.

"Looking at my recent life, trouble is one thing you cannot ignore," he says. "That being the common perception of me, a person known as getting in trouble, I felt [the album's title] was self-explanatory and justified."

TIP's experiences in jail left him with a different perspective on life, one that has helped him learn and improve immensely, he explains.  "You must look at the things of the past, both the good and the bad," he says. "You want to look at the good so you can know what you did right so you can keep doing it. You want to look at the bad so you can ensure history doesn't repeat itself. You have to pay a considerable amount of attention to your past."

The album's cover shows the rapper holding a gun made from smaller pictures of various vices, including gambling and drugs. The design holds special significance for T.I. "We wanted an illustration of all the things that get people in trouble and have it illustrated as an object or a painting or a mural," he says. "It was an extremely ambitious idea that we did not know if we would be able to bring it full circle." 

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