December 21, 2012


Watch This Kid Dougie Like a Pro

Off Beat host, Mike E. Winfield, gives you his weekly video dissection.

So...I guess there were no black kids available to dougie out of 20,000-plus people.

Did you see the mascot give the lil' dude the juice before the performance? That was a talented routine, and as much as I love to see women dance, I wasn't completely focused on them in the background -- not even that one in the front with those pretty legs and mocha-colored skin. Aww, man. And did you see how she was fitting in them shorts? What about row three, Cheerleader #4? Very memorable performance, girl! I'll be watching that video again; I'd purchase a video with just her part.

Anyway, the kid brought it! He does the dougie better than my little niece, actually. If you put her head on his body, she'd be the one performing.

Wait until he goes back to the fifth grade on Monday and shows the video. He's going to be so excited. The only problem is, he's gonna get zero credit for his amazing dougie skills. It's like putting steak and spam on the same plate -- ain't nobody thinking about the spam!

Point is, all eyes are drawn to the cheerleaders. Nobody's trying to watch little dude dougie when you have 20 beautiful cheerleaders in the back with perfect belly buttons. Yes, 20. All his friends are looking at the video trying to decide if those shorts are red or garnet red. Unfortunately, because of the cheerleaders, he gets no love. He should just flip this and start lying about what happened after the performance. He's gonna be the man on the playground! 

"Yeah, Cheerleader #7 helped me tie my shoes"

"And wait 'til you hear what Cheerleader #10 did, I couldn't even believe it."

I encourage everyone to replay this video without looking at the kid one time. It's laugh-out-loud funny.

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