January 3, 2013


2 Chainz Reveals What He Learned From Kanye West

When 2 Chainz stopped by the studio to talk to Ashanti in our recent episode of Artist on Artist, the tireless rapper touched on a wide range of subjects, including balancing career with family life and lessons learned from Kanye West. While you bump the rapper's new song with Lil Wayne "Rich as F-ck," check out the highlights below and watch the full video above. 

On the Importance of Hard Work
I’ve never stopped working. It’s been over a decade. You learn to appreciate when it’s not overnight. When people get in the game, they come with a song and they have to come with a body of work to complement the song. With me, I always felt I had the body of work; I just needed the song.

On His Debut Album Based on a T.R.U. Story
It took me my whole life to make it. It’s different from a mixtape; you don’t have to get everything cleared and signed off on. You put it up; people download it. You don’t care if it’s bootlegged b/c it’s free. But when your album is bootlegged, first you get mad, but then you get over it. It felt good to get the response; it’s unexplainable.

On Learning From Kanye West
What we tried to do was combine worlds. He was trying to show me the stadium side. He was trying to get me to think outside the box. He thinks of the person in the middle of [New York radio station Hot 97’s] Summer Jam. I think of the little dreadhead dude at my show that’s been drinking too much and sweating everywhere. And we just combined the stadium with that. We talk all the time and push each other as far as the competition level.