January 25, 2013


50 Cent Still Adding Songs to 'Street King Immortal'

Even though 50 Cent is "itching" to release his new album, Street King Immortal, that doesn't mean he's done adding to it. Fuse recently stopped by G-Unit to chat about the new album and it turns out he's not quite done with it yet.

Just this week, 50 Cent recorded a new track that he feels "tops something that I have on the actual album," but he wouldn't tell us which recorded song is getting the boot off the track list. "I don't want to tell you what it is because both of the songs have features on them. So I don't want them to feel bad that that the song is now coming off the project." 50 Cent: eternal sweetheart.

50 also gave us the scoop on the Street King Immortal release date, which keeps getting pushed back. After an initial drop date was slated for February 26, almost 10 years to the day after his debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin', Immortal is now due out "sometime in spring." And we have the music industry to thank for the delay: "It keeps getting interesting because of the changes in the music business itself. Since Christmas, [my record label] decreased staff by 35 people... They're making adjustments now so we can figure out a hard date to get the album out." 

Check out the full interview above, and to learn why 50 Cent put a gold-plated, gun-toting stroller in his "Major Distribution" video, watch our other interview with the G-Unit chief right here.