January 9, 2013


A$AP Rocky on Partying With Skrillex: "It's Weird!"

We just sat down with A$AP Rocky to discuss his new album, Long. Live. ASAP, and his friendship with EDM maestro Skrillex, who he recently collaborated with on the genre-mashing "Wild for the Night." And the night they recorded it was indeed wild.

"We didn't want to be predictable and do some cliche sh-t just 'cause," says Rocky. "It was like, 'Let's just hold off on that.' But then one day we were at his show and afterwards he's like, 'Let's hit the studio.' And there's a whole bunch of chicks around and I'm ready to have fun. But he's like, 'Let's hit the studio!' So we brought the party to the studio." 

"He had the hook down, then I started my verses," Rocky says of the writing process. And the result is the aptly-titled "Wild for the Night." Listen right here.

So what's it like when Rocky and Skrill party together? "It's weird as hell," the rapper says. "Not to the point of awkward. It's just different. Because I could go to a wine party with him and all the wine-drinking, upper-middle class motherfu-kers know who I am. And we can go across the street to the club and all the hip hop heads know him!" 

And it's a friendship built to last: "[Skrillex] didn't want to be my friend because I'm A$AP Rocky," the Harlem rapper says. "He wanted to be my friend because I'm cool cat." Amen.