Azz Everywhere: NOLA's Queen Diva Big Freedia's Almost Famous!

Those who know Big Freedia—purveyor of New Orleans' booty-shakin' rap subgenre bounce music—love her. And those who don't know the Queen Diva yet, well, they better get ready: Big Freedia has a reality show coming to Fuse!

"I have a project in development here at Fuse," Big Freedia says. "We're working on a reality show that should come out real soon. I'm very excited about that, but I'll be a little scared about it, too. They'll be in my life a full 24/7. It'll be all of my music and all of a lot of asses all over the world."

The NOLA Queen Diva also tells us how bounce music brings a much-needed upbeat vibe to her hometown. "I try to keep our city on a positive note, so people can forget about all the stressful things they're doing throughout the day," she says. 

"Let's not beef over nonsense," Freedia asks of her hometown. "Stuff like, 'Someone's looking at you a certain way in the club.' We have that really bad in New Orleans. If somebody's staring you down, they're ready to shoot them or fight them on the dot just because they're looking at them."

Watch the full interview above to learn more about Freedia's upcoming Fuse reality show, and be sure to stick around 'til the end of the clip for a special message from the Queen Diva, delivered only as she can. And if you're still in the dark about bounce music, check out our bootylicious visual guide to the New Orleans' unique musical style.