January 4, 2013


Will OutKast Guest on Cee Lo's Goodie Mob Album?

"Woman I cannot make love to you 24 hours a day!!! I must call you back!!!" This is how Cee Lo begins his recent video interview with Fuse—on the phone proving that, yes, he's a very, very busy man. In addition to the nice young lady on the phone, Cee Lo has his hands full with new musical projects, including a Goodie Mob album tentatively titled Age Against the Machine, which just might feature a guest appearance from his fellow Atlanta rappers OutKast. Maybe. Yep, definitely... maybe.

"We're putting the final touches on it. It's pretty much done," he says of the album. "And if it happens [OutKast appearing on the LP] it will be one of those pleasant surprises. I'm a fan of OutKast. I would love to have them on the Goodie Mob album—we are extended family. But even before I can selfishly wish to have both Andre 3000 and Big Boi on our album, I would first wish to have them back together on their own [making new OutKast music]. But it's not impossible—I just haven't asked yet!"

See the full interview above, also featuring Cee Lo dishing on his new christmas album and  giving advice to the newest judges on The Voice.