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Dee Snider Would Punch Justin Bieber in the Face: "He Needs It"

Hard rock legends Dee Snider, Scott Ian, Lita Ford & others give Taylor Swift love advice and share who they'd love to pop in the face at the Rock & Roll Roast of Dee Snider

Fuse hit the red carpet at the 2nd annual Rock & Roll Roast last night (roast target: Dee Snider of Twisted Sister!) and chatted with the rock legends at hand about the pressing issues of 2013. Which is to say, we asked them to give relationship advice to serial-dater Taylor Swift and tell us which pop star they'd like to punch in the face.

"If I could punch any musician in the face, it would be Justin Bieber," roast victim Snider tells Fuse. "He needs it. He's not actually a musician either."  

Anthrax's Scott Ian answered the question far more ominously. "If anyone did something to my son or wife, I would punch them in the faceā€”or worse," Ian vows. 

As for T-Swift, "Kiss Me Deadly" singer Lita Ford offers this tip: "Don't get into a relationship, period. Dogs are cool."

Watch the full interview above, and get the full skinny on Revolver & Guitar World's Rock and Roll Roast of Dee Snider right here.

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