January 31, 2013


How to Destroy Angels Unveil Frightening, Dystopian "How Long?" Video

If (when?) atomic warfare leveled the planet, leaving only a few poor souls to forage the scorched remains, fighting for their very survival, it might look something like How to Destroy Angels' new video for "How Long?" Is there anything more Trent Reznor than that?

The glitchy, chilling track is from their upcoming album Welcome oblivion (also sooooo Trent Reznor), which drops March 5 via Columbia Records. It's a ideal soundtrack to the video--a bright-eyed man goes all tribal, painting his face and then strangling and robbing another man, who's filling up his water bottle near a pond. It's an eerie, creepy feeling as his legs kick in the throes of death and Reznor's wife, singer Mariqueen Maandig, coos, "How long can we keep holding on?"

The band, which are set to make their live debut at Coachella, also unveiled the artwork for their upcoming album. Check it out right here.