January 11, 2013


Ke$ha Goes on a Rampage With Plushies in "C'Mon" Video

Hey, teens! What do you do when your sh-tty waitress job is getting you down? You quit, call your manager a "d-ck" and hop into the next van that pulls up with an adult dressed in a furry cat costume driving! Thus is the lesson in Ke$ha's latest Warrior video, "C'mon."

Ke$ha's never met a party that couldn't cure her blues, and her streak continues in "C'mon." In the video, K-Money is transported to an imaginary land where all of her friends are plushies and furries and they're allowed to do whatever they want. "Whatever they want" includes a few things that can probably be tried as felonies in several states, but mostly they just trash a convenience store. (Do not try this at home.) After a wild party (get it?), Ke$ha is left happy and alone in a heart-shaped hot tub in an empty hotel room... which is definitely better than serving waffles everyday? The jury's out.