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January 31, 2013


LMFAO's Sky Blu Recruits Riff Raff for Debut Solo Album

In September, pop-rap duo LMFAO announced their hiatus, and now singer Sky Blu is prepping his debut solo album. He just released his first single, "Pop Bottles," a more sophisticated, introspective track than expected from an artist who became famous by jiggling his junk in a thong and party rockin'. It's a new direction and it's just a taste of his upcoming material.

"[Fans] can expect to get things they didn't expect," Sky Blu says of his LP. "It's very diverse. I've made so many different styles of music that didn't work for LMFAO... It's gonna have some indie stuff, some trap music, hip hop and maybe even some rock."

Sky Blu, who has worked with a range of artists, from Katy Perry to David Guetta to Pitbull, also revealed one of the guests on his album. "It's a bomb," he says. "He goes by the name of Riff Raff and he doesn't play around. 'He's hotter than the earth equator, now and later.' That's what he says," jokes Sky Blu of his album guest.

Sky Blu's former partner in LMFAO, RedFoo, is also releasing solo material, but the pals aren't competing: "If you love LMFAO, support us both," he says. And Sky Blu says their solo careers will only strengthen their work when they reunite. 

"We're at a point in our lives that the world should see who we are as individuals, as creative forces individually. And once they know us for ourselves, we come back together better than ever."

He adds, "The record we make when we get back together will be our Thriller."