January 7, 2013


One Direction Are Retro Teen Heartthrobs in "Kiss You" Video

It's been two months since One Direction wooed us to tears with their last Take Me Home video, "Little Things," so it was high time for the Boys to have some fun again... and give us a non-creepy (?) reason to see them shirtless. "Kiss You" reminds us that (just in case we stepped away from our computers long enough to forget), Liam, Niall, Louis, Harry and Zayn are exactly the teen heartthrobs we want and need them to be.

"Kiss You" is undoubtedly a hat tip to teen idol movies of the '50s and '60s, Elvis' Jailhouse Rock and Frankie Avalon's Beach Blanket Bingo among them. The boys dress up in various cheesy outfits in front of various cheesy backdrops and lip-sync about kissing YOU as cheesily as humanly possible. And as much as you want to make fun of One Direction for the whole cheesy affair, you really can't—they're already making fun of themselves. #incepted