January 25, 2013


OneRepublic's "If I Lose Myself" Inspired by Swedish House Mafia

After songwriter and One Republic frontman Ryan Tedder saw Swedish House Mafia at Coachella last year, he called his bandmate, bassist Brent Kutzle, and put in a request: "You're not going to believe this, but the best act at Coachella was Swedish House Mafia. We have to find a way to capture that kind of energy, but in the context of a band."

So OneRepublic got to work on their latest single, the electro-ethereal "If I Lose Myself." The song is actually about Tedder's fear of flying, but it's also about living in the moment... which is (thankfully) the direction the band went for the video

"The original concept [for the video] was borrowing from the opening scene of Garden State—the plane's going down and all the oxygen masks drop out and everyone's going crazy... We chased that for a minute but realized... It's one thing to watch that kind of video once, but you don't wanna sit there and hit repeat on watching a plane crash." 

So instead, OneRepublic's "If I Lose Myself" video is one big party. Thanks, Swedish House Mafia!