January 22, 2013


Riff Raff Talks James Franco's 'Spring Breakers' Character

Last spring, we told you that James Franco's character in the Harmony Korine-directed film Spring Breakers was inspired by wacky-wild-weird Houston rapper Riff Raff. An on-set photo taken by co-star Selena Gomez seemed to prove it—just look at Franco in corn-rows, angular chin-strap facial hair and oversized, bejeweled wrist watch and sunglasses!

Riff Raff recently dropped by Fuse to chat about Franco and Spring Breakers: "He's gonna probably win a Grammy," Riff Raff says straight-faced (P.S. Franco, an actor, won't be winning a Grammy, ever). "His style is based on me, I don't have to tell you that. Look at the pictures. If people see the pictures, they think it's me [not Franco]."

Riff Raff compared the scenario to having an identical twin brother go to school in your place to take the SATs. "You're getting straight As and you didn't even have to go to school. I'm just chillin' and millions is coming off this."

But what would make Franco's character more convincing? Ice, naturally. "He had some ice on hands and wrists, but if he's trying to go polar bear arctic deep sea 11...?" Riff Raff then flaunted his diamond encrusted watch and other bling. "Now you deep space 9. You icy." Exactly.

Then a moment of clarity: "He's James Franco. He just did all that for the movie, so he won't have to change nothin'. But me, I'm me always."

However, Riff Raff is waiting on a check: "I'm sitting back watching, I wait and I wait. There's a deadline for this check, though. Check come in, everyone's cool and happy. If it don't come in, then I call in the hounds. But everything's cool right now."