February 21, 2013


'Law & Order: SVU' Will Kill Chris Brown Next Week

'Law & Order: SVU' is no stranger to ripped-from-the-headlines stories, churning out lurid, sex-and-violence tales with Southparkian levels of speed. Next week, though, @nbcsvu should prepare for a sh-tstorm of "Y'all are haters! #TeamBreezy" and "OMG Thank U!", as the long-running series focuses on the Rihanna-Chris Brown saga culminating in Brown's murder.

Presumably to avoid libel lawsuits, the character based on Brown is now Caleb, who tells the media, "Y'all know me. I'm a lover, not a fighter." Still, the "familiar story of two celebrities...intertwined...by abuse" is as subtle as, well, anything Brown does in real life. The kicker: Caleb is murdered, inevitably prompting real-life indignant and ecstatic reactions. And just to ensure accuracy, we have the New York Post headline of "Beauty and the Beating." This right here is a master class in trolling, but of course, we will watch every minute.