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50 Cent & Fred Armisen Spoof 'Zero Dark Thirty' in 'Zero Dark Fiddy'

Please, please, please expand this hilarious 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' clip into a full-length movie

Following his unintentionally hilarious trip to QVC late last year, 50 Cent recently returned to TV with a stop by Jimmy Kimmel Live to spoof the Oscar nominated Zero Dark Thirty. It's called—what else—Zero Dark Fiddy.

SNL's Fred Armisen shows up to play Osama Bin Laden, who 50 has tracked down to a storage locker in Van Nuys, California. 50 and Bin Laden go head-to-head in a knife-chucks versus gun-chucks fight, and 50 does his country proud.

By the way, stop calling him "Fiddy." It's "Fifty."


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