February 12, 2013


Fox News Comments on Adele and Kelly Clarkson's Weight

Professional trolling/news organization Fox News felt the best way to congratulate Kelly Clarkson and Adele on their recent Grammy wins was to bring on a nutritionist to talk about the real issue at hand: their weight. Karen Gilbert claims that if both pop stars walked into her office asking to "lose 10 to 20 pounds," she "wouldn't kick them out." Gilbert guarantees us she's not "judging them by their appearance," she's just concerned about how they "influence younger girls."

There's an argument for both sides of the fence here, and we get that Fox News likes ratings, too. But double standard, anyone? The Zac Brown Band also won a Grammy for Best Country Album, and we're guessing Dr. Karen might also classify a few of those guys as "husky"... Yet they were missing from the "fat Grammy winners" conversation. Weird. [End rant.]