February 14, 2013


Taste Hoodie Allen's Raunchy Flour Power on "Cake Boy"

Long Island rapper Hoodie Allen—an Internet and college campus favorite—is back with a pleasantly vulgar tale of cougar seduction just in time for VD… er, Valentine's Day. "Cake Boy" has three important weapons in its arsenal: Well-chosen pop culture references, a cowbell beat (itself practically a pop culture reference) and a video of two cake-baking babes in Daisy Dukes. Some rappers drench women in water for their videos, Hoodie Allen dusts them with flour. You gotta give him credit for thinking outside the premade cake box.

Check it out above and keep an ear open for the inevitable Ashton Kutcher shoutout (it's a song about cougars, remember?) and an unexpected reference to The O.C. And while you're watching, try not to marvel at how high quality this clip is for a self-released video.