February 27, 2013


Joey Bada$$ on Acting in Movies: "I'm Waiting on Spike Lee"

Pro Era rapper Joey Bada$$—who just turned 18 this year—is more than just one of the most promising young MCs on the scene right now. He's also an aspiring actor with his eye on a Spike Lee movie role.

"I was in school for acting," Bada$$ tells Fuse's Esteban Serrano. "That's what I initially wanted to do when I got to high school." When we asked what roles he was interested in, the Brooklyn rapper says being part of the rumored remakes of '90s films like Juice or Belly would be "way too cliché" of an answer to give, but that he'd love to work with iconic director Spike Lee.

"Sh-t, if I was in a Spike Lee movie, I could see that right there," Joey says. "I'm waiting on Spike." Your move, Mr. Lee.

To find out why the 18-year-old rapper thinks staying independent is "the best thing for me right now," watch the full interview above.