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Watch Justin Timberlake & Jay-Z's "Suit & Tie" Video

'Fight Club' director David Fincher reteams with his 'Social Network' star to craft Mr. JT's official comeback music video. The bar for 21st century cool has been risen

The wait is ova—Justin Timberlake's first official comeback music video is here! Sure, we already have the "Suit & Tie" lyric video (the musical equivalent of a clip-on tie) and there was his Grammy performance with Jay-Z, a performance so retro-cool the cameras were forced to shoot in black and white. But this masterful clip is the real deal.

Much like that Grammy broadcast, this clip is filmed in black and white to give it a classic Hollywood feel. Timberlake throws down some slick dance moves while making love to the mic stand and Jay-Z chomps on a big cigar and even leans on a stool while rapping because, dammit, he gets tired sometimes, too!

This whole affair is directed by David Fincher, who not long ago was Timberlake's behind-the-camera boss for The Social Network. Watch it above and try not to wish you could live segments of your life in black and white.

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