February 14, 2013


Marina & the Diamonds Releases Anti-Valentine's Day Track

Marina and the Diamonds delivered the ultimate anti-Valentine's Day anthem this February 14. She's apparently so against love that she flipped the word on its head with new song "E.V.O.L" released today. Which, you could pronounce as "evil." 

Given her latest tracks like "How to be a Heartbreaker," "Power and Control" and "Homewrecker," we're not exactly shocked by the subject matter either.

In the alt-pop number, she sings in her signature warbly delivery, "It only takes two lonely people / To f-ck love up and make it evil / It only takes a drop of evil / To f-ck up two beautiful people."

The cynic take on valentines! We like!!

The vengeful track is accompanied with creepy visuals of the singer looking quite evil herself with various hair colors.

It's not all doom and gloom with Marina, though. She's giving away "E.V.O.L" for free! You can download the full track here. (But hurry! You only have until midnight!)