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Matt and Kim Bring DIY Style to the Bedroom for "It's Alright"

The indie-pop couple get sexual while asleep in their latest must-see music video

Matt & Kim know how to catch our eyes with their DIY styled videos. In 2009, they stripped in Times Square, leading to police tackling them, in their "Lessons Learned" visual. And just last week, their arena-sized take on the "Harlem Shake" has earned almost 10 million views.

They're at it again with new single "It's Alright." But this time, taking us in the bedroom. The indie-pop couple act out a sexually-charged, synchronized dance routine eyes closed, all while appearing asleep.

It's another win for Matt & Kim who are always killing it on the video scene. With its quirky combination of trumpets and synthesizers, the song's a win too.

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