February 5, 2013


Sneaker Addicts Unite! A Look Inside Patrick Ewing's Coveted Sneaker Line

From Run-DMC extolling "My Adidas" to the Geto Boys commanding you to "Read These Nikes" to Nelly's "Air Force Ones," sneakers have played a huge role in shaping and influencing hip hop culture. Given their continued ubiquity and popularity, it's only natural that we'd want to give this perennial phenomenon a deeper look. Enter Sole Searching, a new regular series focusing on all things sneakers: the designers, the collectors, the obsessives.

For our first episode, we talk to Dave Goldberg, president of Ewing sneakers and overseer of the coveted Ewing 33 Highs. Goldberg walks us through the history of NBA legend Patrick Ewing's sneaker deals (from inside Madison Square Garden natch) and details how the company reconstructed Ewing's original sneakers to fit the modern era. Check out the first episode above.