February 26, 2013


Metal Thrashers Testament Detail Award-Winning "Native Blood" Music Video

Testament has been rocking the metal scene since the 1980s, but not without a few bumps along the way.

The California vets have weathered lineup changes (guitarist Eric Peterson is the only constant member) and health problems (vocalist Chuck Billy was diagnosed with a rare cancer in 2001), but still released successful albums, including 2012's Dark Roots of Earth, which debuted at No. 12 on the Billboard 200.

"[We] wrote from the gut," Billy tells Fuse. "We really pleased ourselves first and foremost on this one.”

They earned another accomplishment with the music video to Dark Roots track "Native Blood," which starred members of the Pomo Native American tribe.

Billy, a Pomo himself, tells Fuse how he incorporated his native heritage into the clip. 

"It was much deeper than a video shoot because the community got involved," explains. "When the Pomo dancers started to do the dance it was almost like a ceremony going on then. The energy was real strong at that moment." 

Testament ended up winning Video of the Year at the American Indian Film Festival for their efforts. 

"It was about indigenous people having a voice, stepping up for themselves and having their opinions heard in today’s world," Billy adds. "It ended up turning into much more than a video."

Check out the interview above to see parts of the vid and the group talk more on Dark Roots of Earth.