February 22, 2013


YouTube Star Tori Kelly Reveals Plans for Full-Length Album

Tori Kelly's music resume checks out, and some: She nailed a Christina Aguilera ballad on America’s Most Talented Kids at age 11, and at 18 was a contestant on American Idol. Her cover of Frank Ocean's "Thinking 'Bout You," posted last January, has already scored 12 million views, and pop mogul Scooter Braun, Justin Bieber's manager, called Kelly "THE TRUTH" in a recent tweet

Pop success is knocking at her door. She's answering a full-length album following her Handmade Songs EP. Kelly tells Fuse about transforming from a YouTube cover artist to a bonafide singer-songwriter with original material. 

"To make that transition from doing covers and then getting people to like my own music, that’s the most fulfilling part of it,” she says. “It’s easy to access anything you want now with the internet. That’s how I really started my whole fanbase.”

Kelly says she's prepping her debut solo album next: "This EP that I put out last year was a warm up to me," she says. "That was experimenting and seeing the exact sound I want for myself. Once I really nail it and get a full length album together, that’ll be really big for me"