March 28, 2013


Def Leppard Talk Playing 'Hysteria' Start to Finish in Las Vegas

Def Leppard are currently rocking Las Vegas with VIVA Hysteria! It's an 11-date residency at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino which finds the metal band playing their classic 1987 album Hysteria start to finish. And it's exactly as awesome as it sounds.

Fuse caught up with Def Leppard on the final day of their rehearsals and chatted about whether they'll bring this Hysteria residency to other cities and which rare cuts they're slipping into their sets.

"Before the main event, the Hysteria album, we do obscure songs in the opening set," Rick Savage tells Fuse. 

"We're going deep," Joe Elliott agrees. "[We play] songs from the first album [On Through the Night] which we don't revisit too often, and a couple of tracks off of High 'n' Dry. Songs that haven't been played in literally 31 years." 

When asked about Lep's future plans, Elliott says they'd "consider coming back [to Vegas] and doing a different album. Or doing [Hysteria] as a residency somewhere else, whether it be Sun City in South Africa or New Jersey."

"I still don't think it could be improved upon," Savage says fondly of the classic LP. "I still think it's one of the most perfect albums."

Watch the video above to learn more about VIVA Hysteria!