March 17, 2016


Dropkick Murphys' Guide to the Perfect St. Patrick's Day

There’s nothing like an insider’s guide. We talked to two members of Celtic punk band Dropkick Murphys who revealed the key to the most perfect St. Patrick’s Day yet.

Bassist Ken Casey and guitarist James Lynch drop tips on drinking and eating, and which cities celebrate the Irish holiday the hardest. Plus, the rockers tell Fuse about their favorite St. Paddy’s Day memory—performing at Boston’s annual parade…until the police shut down their float. It's a wonder they remember at all! 

Drinking on St. Patrick’s Day:
Ken Casey:
 "Don’t start too early! If you peak at about 2:00, you’re in trouble."
James Lynch: "It’s a marathon, not a sprint, you wouldn’t believe how many kids are getting brushed into the gutter because they went a little too hard, too fast."

Best city to celebrate:
Casey: "
We do hear a lot from Boston police that go down to the Savannah, GA parade that that’s supposed to be amazing. And I’m sure Chicago’s really good. I think Boston is the biggest parade and the first and foremost place that people think of in America when it comes to St. Patrick’s Day."

The perfect soundtrack: 
Casey: "The Pogues sums it all up. They’re such originators of a sound that’s been influential on us. When you think of us, maybe [we’re] too hard and aggressive at some points for some people.  If you want to start going back and playing like The Clancy Brothers or The Dubliners, it’s too mellow at points for people. I think The Pogues are that type of band you can put on at any party regardless of any age."

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